Hi, my name is

Joshua Alexander.

I bring  ideas to reality.

I'm a Software Engineer with expertise in developing and deploying web applications using technologies such as React, Node.js, and MongoDB. Strong ability to design, build and maintain RESTful APIs and deliver efficient, scalable and maintainable solutions. Proven track record of leading cross-functional teams and delivering projects on time and to high standards.

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00. About Me

I'm a software developer from Lagos, Nigeria. I am a passionate professional with various skills and experience spanning across Full Stack Development, UI/UX Design, Mobile Development and Technical Writing. I am also passionate about kids learning to code.

I'm a member of Data Science Nigeria (DSN), Google Developers Club (Ilorin), Facebook Developers Club (Lagos) and have also spoken in small tech meet-ups.


When it comes to building JavaScript applications, I have the right tools and can work completely independently of them to deliver fast, resilient solutions that are optimized for scale — performanceand scalability are top priorities for me.


I love to teach. The ability to be able to transfer knowledge from myself to another is something I find passion in. I also believe that you can't give what you dont have. If I know how to code, I should be able to teach it to someone in its simplest form, then I can claim I know it.

Here are a few technologies I’ve been working with recently:

NextJS (React)
React Native
Node.js (Express, Nest)
MongoDB (Mongoose)
joshua alexander
01. Where I've worked




Brooks and Blake



Software Engineer @ Nophin

May 2023 - Present | NY, USA | Remote
Frontend Lead: Defined the frontend architecture and technology stack to ensure efficiency and scalability.
Established coding standards and best practices for consistent and maintainable code.
Cultivated a collaborative and innovative team environment to deliver high-quality frontend experiences.
Architect, design, and implement scalable and efficient backend systems and APIs to support the company's AI-driven commercial real estate underwriting platform
Implemented CI/CD pipeline using Serverless, AWS and Git.
Develop and maintain robust, reliable, and secure backend services using technologies such as TypeScript and Nest.js.
Followed best practices for security and scalability in the backend development process.
02. Some things I've built

Featured Project


Facile is a tutorial based learning platform. With Facile every course content is a tutorial. At the end of each tutorial, you will have successfully built a project and understand how coding in the real world is.

Status:  ongoing


Featured Project


Softrays is a regional training center for Web development, Graphics design, AutoCAD (2D and 3D), CCNA & CCNP, Systems Engineering and Information Technology and Computing.

Status:  completed


That's Not All...

Boldo Landing page

Funding handshake buyer business-to-business metrics iPad partnership. First mover advantage innovator success deployment non-disclosure.

NextJSTailwindFramer Motion

Airbnb Landing page

This is the landing page of the Airbnb Platform. I built this while taking a React assesement for a job I applied for.

NextJSTailwindFramer Motion

Radartrail SME Platform

This is the SME platform for Radartrail. Clients/Customers can choose a plan that suites their business needs.

NextJSTailwindFramer Motion

Personal Portfolio V2

Second iteration of my personal website. Built with a NextJS and Tailwind.

NextJSTailwindFramer Motion

Personal Portfolio V1

The first iteration of my personal website. Built this while mastering React. This is a full stack portfolio built using my knowledge of React, Sass and Sanity.io (unified content platform that powers better digital experiences).

ReactSCSSSanity.ioFramer Motion
03. I do a little bit of writing

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